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Adult Education

Judaism is incredibly rich in thought.  It is inspirational and aspirational.  While anchored by Torah, it is ever changing, revealing itself in wondrous fashion.  We, in our day, have so much to learn from our broad history of thought and response, as well as much to contribute to its unfolding meaning. 

The Adult Education courses led by Rabbi Looper range from a study of the Torah’s creation narratives – universe to humanity – employing the study of ancient Near Eastern myths, cross-cultural/religious integration, rabbinic interpretation, scholarly explication and analysis, and feminist perspective; to authorship and creation of the Jewish Canon – what parts of our scripture are true, and what mythical/social/religious/political ideas are behind its creation; to the study of Musar, the Jewish concept of character development, discussing the traits of gratitude, forgiveness, humility, generosity, enthusiasm, compassion, order, patience, simplicity, honesty, responsibility, strength, and equanimity; to how Judaism understands and guides us in matters of abortion, abuse, and tax evasion; and, with our Christian neighbors, a Lentin lecture series on the bible from Jewish and Christian perspectives – sharing a text, but not its interpretation.

Sun, December 3 2023 20 Kislev 5784